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     Diamond knives, reamer type, complex type tool, turning and boring tool type, tool holder and fixture type, wheel. 
D'Dandrea tools, a variety of diamond, PCD Grinding (CNC tool machines, cylindrical grinding machines, etc. Use)    

     The company is committed to non-standard tool for research and development, professional manufacturing, professional grinding precision cutting tools and various alloy coating; main production: all kinds of carbide drill, alloy milling cutter, reamers, PCD tools, welding tools , molding and modular tool, mainly used in high-speed rotation and cutting equipment CNC machining (CNC machining equipment).    
     Processed products range: diameter between the D2.5 --- D35.0mm variety of solid carbide cutting tools. 
※ Based on customer feedback after use, we conclude that the professional tool grinding tool can effectively reduce the cost of 20% -30%. 


1. Hole Cutter production processes (drill type): 
    1) Especially in the processing of aluminum and steel parts in more prominent advantages. 
    2) The company's products replace expensive in Europe and America (Sandvik, Kennametal products such alternative) products. 

2. Grinding tool. Coating and after-sales service to use the unit cost of the tool to get the real benefits: 
   1) To reduce the cost of the tool, you can increase the number and specification tool grinding operation; grinding tool is usually 2-3 times the number; finished before the second life of not less than 70% of life. 

3. Quick delivery, 200 or more / less than 200 km and a whole batch of tools, vehicles to take the company car.