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Materials and products involved in processing applications: 

1. The automotive industry: 
    (1)Engine block / cover. Crankshaft. Stent. Transmission, processing, material: cast iron, aluminum, steel. 
    (2) Automotive bearings and wheel hub, processing materials: aluminum and steel. 
    (3) Brakes, processing materials: aluminum and cast iron. 
    (4) Car flywheel, processing material: cast iron. Steel. 
    (5) Connecting rod, the processing material: steel. 
    (6) Chassis. Pump. Valve. Axles, processing material: steel. aluminum.

2. Aerospace: 
    (1) Shells (a Space Research Institute. An aviation aircraft manufacturing plant) processing materials: composite materials. 
    (2) Armored vehicles and military weapons (a machine factory. An armored engineering company) Processing material: steel. 

3. Vortices and wind turbines: 
    (1) Blades, box, gear, etc. (a turbine) Processing Material: stainless steel and composite materials. 

4. Mould: 
   (1) Mold 
   (2) Mobile phone mold 
   (3) IT molds; processing material: steel. 

5. Cooling: Central air-conditioning compressors, etc.; processing materials: cast iron, aluminum, steel. 

6. Hydraulic: hydraulic cylinder. Pump valve body, etc.; processing materials: cast iron, aluminum, steel. 

7. Locomotive categories: processing material: cast iron, aluminum, steel. 

8. Medical Devices: Materials: Titanium.

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