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Forted (Beijing) precision tools Co., selling all kinds ofCNC cutting, CNC machine tools and related accessories;sales of products: (1) tools: various CNC carbide drill bit,milling cutter, reamer, PCD alloy tool, welding tool, tap,molding and combined tool, (2): a variety of special CNCmachine tools machining center, machine etc..

Cutting tools and CNC machine tool can be applied to theindustry: Automobile Industry (including: engine cylinder head and cylinder, wheel, bearing, connecting rod, piston,wheel, brake, transmission, chassis and other projects),hydraulic manufacturing, mold (cars and mobile phonemold), IT, air conditioning and refrigeration (parts of the compressor, turbine, medical apparatus and instruments),metallurgical and mining equipment industry. Our sales ofsome products have been recognized and affirmed the use of customer.

The purpose of the company: "survive by quality, seek development by innovation, stability, integrity and goodafter sale service to save resources for the purpose ofcutting tool. Reduce the waste of resources and improvingenvironmental protection tool resources".

Our company can according to customer requestprocessing products, product drawings or tool drawings,samples of professional design tool, non standard cutting tool and related programs; the company can undertakepackage production line tool and equipment.

The company sells tools: can substitute for Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, the TaiwanCNC carbide tool.

European quality model, the tool user recognition andsupport, fast product supply......

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